(SESSION: 2017-18)
            Vidyalaya academic plan for session 2017-18 has been set up and now it has been placed before all staff members for further course of action. The following committees, departments and clubs are here by constituted to carry out various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and also to provide ample opportunities and encouragement to achieve the highest ethical and moral values among the students and also to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya during the academic session 2017-18.  Therefore, all in charges, conveners and members of Dept./committee/ Club are hereby instructed to take the charge of their concerned department and set the action plan for session – 2017-18. Please go through the Vidyalaya Academic plan for detailed information especially for guidelines, duties, responsibilities and activities.
Mr, Mrs, Ms
J Selvens, D R Bhadari,
V V Bhat, BSN, Shivarama Jois, Putte Gowda
1. To guide, suggest and chalk out all action plan for academic and co – curricular activities.
2. Will function as advisory board for Vidyalaya activities.
3. To plan the Split-up of syllabus subject wise and class wise on or before 31st March and check the monthly completion of syllabus.
4. To list the name of weak students on the basis of session ending examination result March and prepare action plan on or before 05
th April and to ensure it is implemented.
5. To monitor the special time-table during all holidays, breaks (Autumn & Winter) and vacation including Morning Assembly time of Vidyalaya as per action plan.
6. To maintain the class wise and subject wise monthly student’s academic performance analysis.
7. Any other related work. 
2 ADMISSION V V Bhat, D R Bhandari, Beena P K,
P Prajul, Shivaram Jois
1. To plan admission procedure as per KVS guidelines.
2. To keep ready admission forms prospectus & test plan well in advance. To issue & collect the admission registration form.
3. To Co- ordinate with exam dept to conduct tests for admissions required for fresh admission.
4. To complete the formalities of admission for the session as per KVS instructions, admission register, etc.
5. Any other related work
3 Primary

Secondary, Sr Secondary & Home Examinations


 Ambreen Anjum,
B K Chaitra  

J Selvens

B Sathyanarayana
G V Subrahmanya

M S Nagesha

Sathisha  help in Xeroxing Question Paper, Worksheets, and Exam Related Documents.

1. Complete schedule of test/exam for the session (tentative) will be circulated among the students & parents for their prior information. Exam time-tables should also be informed to students & parents at least two weeks before the commencement of test/exam.
2. Maintain the required stationary of Examination well in advance in stock.
3. Class wise pre-plan schedule should be decided for weekly test, fortnightly test, monthly test, practice test etc. 
4. All the required documents/materials like answer scripts, mark-slip, mark register, progress card etc. should be issued to concerned teacher in time & it should be taken back to exam department after completion of each and every test/exam.
5. Students and parents must be informed about the results of all tests & exam within a week of completion of test/examination & updated record must be kept ready for further course of action.
6. To co – ordinate P.T. Meeting in consultation with the class teachers.
7. To make minutes of the P.T meeting. And maintain the records along with attendance of parents. 8 Any other related work To conduct exams like OLYMPIAD,NIOS,CET,AIEEE,NEET,CTET etc. as per the direction of principal. 


D R Bhandari,  G.V Subramanya,
S Shivarama Jois, B K Chaitra
M S Nagesha

1. Time – table In charge& Asst. In charge will frame the time-tables as per allotment
2. To make an arrangement during the leave of the teacher.
3. To prepare and inform to subject teachers about the special time – table during all holidays, breaks (Autumn & Winter) and vacation including Morning assembly time of Vidyalaya as per action plan for class X & XII
4. To ensure ringing of the bell in time
5. Any other related work         
6. I/C all external exams like NAMASTE, Science Olympiad, I T etc.,
5 VALUE EDUCATION MSN, PRU, GSV, VVB, BSN, BPK To impart the value education and hold regular classes as guided by the Ramakrishna Mission
6 MONTHLY & OTHER MEETINGS SPL, PRU, SSS, Dharampal Furniture & PA system arrangement & to recored minutes of the meeting
7 Alumni Association VVB, MSN, BSN, VK Hold the regular meetings, data collection of alumni




Radhika Nagarajan-Overall (I/C)


1. To plan the morning assembly programme and allot the duty to concerned HM. In addition, to check the preparation of the programme before presenting in morning assembly. 
2. Children’s birthday will be celebrated in morning assembly on his/her specific dates of birth to wish him/her.
3. To provide a greeting card & toffee & all students have to wish them by presenting birthday song. 4. Any other related work
1. To prepare a plan to celebrate important festivals & days as per Vidyalaya academic Calendar & invite artists, dignitary(s) on the selected occasions.
2. A special programme should be presented on special occasions & important days followed by a brief speech related to festival. One programme should be presented by a staff member voluntarily. 3. To encourage the students & staff to participate in these programmes& assign duties for them.
4. Guest lecture should also be organized on special occasions & important days to celebrate the occasion with true spirit.
5. Any other related work.
Co-curricular Activities
1. To prepare an action plan for internal and external CCA activities for the session and complete in time.
2. They will also have to suggest practical plans for improvement of CCA activities.
3. To check the preparation for CCA.
4. To plan for awarding the prize winners.
5. To send the reports to R.O & to the media / agencies for publications.
7. Any other related work
1. To prepare compact programme for developing good habits and moral value among the students. 2. To encourage the students on the observation of good habits &behavior and award the best students.
3. Any other related work
4. To Conduct Outside competitions like Quiz, Paintings, Essays Etc. as per the directions of  Principal


M S Nagesha, B Sathyanarayana, G V Subrahmanyam, Vazeed Khan, G S Vasudeva, Beena P K

S Shivarma Jois, B K Chaithra, Sona K V, Gurumurthi
1. To prepare S/G activity plan with tentative date & months for organizing activities.
2. To select student for cubs, bulbul, scout & guide enrolment in the month of April’10.
3. To make an arrangement for proper training of the students.
4. To prepare scout & guide to participate in various activities, both internal & external competitions.
5. Any other related work
10 RAJBHASHA KALYANA SAMITHI Radhika Nagarajan, V V Bhat, Vazeed Khan, Dharmpal, Amita Dwivedi, Putte Gowda 1. To follow RajbhashaKalyanSamiti guidelines
2. To take necessary action for proper functioning of this Samiti.
3. To create a Hindi atmosphere & to promote usage of Hindi in daily use.
4. To keep a vigil on quarterly progress of RAJBASHA SAMITI.
5. To follow all instructions of town official language implementation committee and attend its meeting.

Prabhuraje Urs (I/C), S Sagar, Sona K V, Ambreen,

G.S.Vasudeva, J Selvens, S Sagar, Prasanna m.  Note: Staff Nurse, Coaches will assist in organizing medical checkup.
1. To prepare a plan for student’s health checking twice in this session by authorized Medical Officer.
2. To make available stock of First Aid if any accidents happen.
3. A special care must be taken for girl child as per their natural need, if situation demands for that.
4. To organize expert talks related to health & hygiene
5 Any other related work.
B Sathyanarayana, M S NageshA, G V Subrahmanyam, G.S.Vasudeva.  Primary:   Shivarama Jois, Chaithra.B.K, Coach (Sports)
1.To plan the excursion
2.To decide the place, make arrangement for conveyance
3.Estimate the amount to be collected from students
4.Keep the willingness form ready
5.Arrange refreshments
6. Any other related work
13 Guidance and  Counseling Pooja G K, Radhika Nagarajan, S S S, Beena, Amita Dwivedi 1. Provide proper guidance to students for their future plan
2. Employment News, magazines and newspapers’ information should also be placed on Notice board for students & staff.
3. Experts should also be invited time-to-time to provide proper guidance to the students. 4. Keep a close contact with guidance & counseling agency for collecting proper guidance &information to students.



S S S, Beena P K, School captains
Radhika Nagarajan, B Sathyanarayana, Shivaram Jois,
Dharmpal, Dejappa
 Prabhu Raje Urs
1.To periodically open suggestion box, at least once in two months
2.To keep a record of suggestions or grievances received from the students, staff or parents
3.To maintain the minutes of the meetings
4. To record the complaints of the students and find solution and discuss with the Principal
15 Photography Secondary:Prajul P, M N Kaushik

Primary: Chandrakanth
1. To take photographs of all important functions/ occasions/ events including morning assembly programmes
2. To upload on the website.
3. To take prints
4. To display on the display boards
5. To take the photographs into stock & maintain it. 6. Any other related work. 
16 SHALA DARPAN Prajul P, VVB, Shivaram Jois, Manasa Bhat To execute the work related to Shala Darpan
17 LIBRARY COMMITTEE Sree Parvathi L, Radhika Nagarajan, D R Bhandari, B Satyanarayana, Vazeed Khan, Shivaram Jois Stdnt Rep. VI-VIII                   IX-X                   XI-XII            Pri- III-V 1. Make available curriculum books, Textbooks, Collection of CBSE & session ending examination old question papers for the help of the students.
2. Newspapers, magazines etc. should be readily available in library.
3. Prepare a list of books with the help of subject teachers by April & purchase them latest by Dec’17 as per Vidyalaya budget provision.
4. At least two programmes& two competitions should be organized in this session to make aware the students & staff for the use of library & to encourage the students to study the books & magazine.
5. To organize book exhibition
6. Issue of books to the students & staff should be frequent & should be recorded in issue register for verification by the higher officers.
7. To purchase books to the Library as per the recommendations of Library Committee
8. Any other related work. 
18 SPORTS COMMITTEE G.S.Vasudeva, V.V.Bhat, B satyanarayana, R V Manjunath, Staff Nurse, Sports Coaches, Sports Captains. 1. To plan and conduct vidyalaya regional & national level sports activities for both primary & secondary.
2. To conduct mini sports & sports day celebrations.
3.To monitor the discipline of students and parents.
4. To look after safety and security of staff and students.
5.Any other related works
19 REFRESHMENTS M S Nagesha, Pawan Kumar C N, Prasanna M, Mamatha M K, Gunavathi 1.To arrange refreshments or sweets for all important function like republic day, independence day, sports day, annual day or any other occasions
2.To inquire market survey and set competitive rates without compromising the quality
3. To arrange refreshments for cluster level, regional level, coaching camps, etc.
4. Any other related work
20 PURCHASE AND CONDEMNATION COMMITTEE Putte Gowda & Dept I/C 1. To estimate the requirements in the beginning of the academic year.
2. To procure the required items following the purchase procedure
3. To take into stock
4. Any other related work.
1.Mr. Vazeed khan 2. Mr. G V Subrahmanyam 3. Mr. R V Manjunatha  4. Mr Jitendar 1. To supervise the use of furniture by the students.
2. To plan for repair & purchase of Vidyalaya furniture for students & staff in various classrooms & departments as per requirement & budget.
3. To clear / get shifted un utilized furniture
4. To get classroom, black boards, name boards, etc. painted and maintained
5. Any related work
22 PRINTING & PUBLICATION V.V.Bhat, Radhika Nagarajan, D R Bhandari, B Satyanarayana, Viajayanarasimha, Dharmpal, Chandrakanth, Shivarama Jois, Hemalatha, Amith Dwivedi, Chaitra B K, Ambreen,  Anjum, M N Kowshik 1.         To collect & edit the articles
2.         To edit the articles
3.  To Note down all important events / functions etc. held in Vidyalaya.
4. To record and maintain all achievements of students including internal, external, competitions prizes won etc. in chronological order by collecting information from primary and secondary CCA I/C
5. To prepare Bimonthly newsletter and to send to RO and other Officials of KVS .To plan & prepare certificates and invitation cards based on the requirement by following the KVS procedures.
6. Any other related work
23 NEWS LETTER Shivaram Jois, Chaitra B K, Ambreen Anjum, Chandrakanth  Publication of News Letter and related work
24 Allotment Committee Vijayanarasimha, B.K.Chaithra, Prabhuraje Urs, Dejappa, S.N.Ramaiah As per the minutes mentioned in the staff meeting register
Maintenance committee Civil work M S Nagesha, G.V.Subrahmanyam, Chaithra.B.K, Dejappa.
Electrical work Prabhu Raje Urs, Dharmpal
Cleanliness work J Selvans, B K Chaitra
Ambreen Anjum Mr Jitendar
25 Civil (M S Nagesha-I/C) Over all I/C – Vice Principal, UDC & LDC. Viajayanarasimha, Chandrakanth, B K Chaitra  a. Maintenance /Repairing urgently required in the campus for both civil & electrical b.   Purchase of essential material required and to complete all assignment in time. c.    Ensure the proper utilization of water and electrical power.
d.   Any other related works.
Electrical Prabhu Raje Urs, M N Kaushik, Sathisha, P Mani
26 Lunch Time Supervision All Class Teachers / Co. Class Trs. Coaches, Sub Staff, Security a. To ensure the safety and security of students during lunch time by maintaining proper discipline.
b.   Monitoring the parents and students movements during the break.
27 Security Scouts & Guides, G S Vasudev a. To monitor the work of labor provided by agency.
b. Checking the attendance of workers.
c. Verify and certify the bill submitted by the agency.

Beautification (Gardening)
Note: Staff nurse informed to circulate daily observation sheet to all the blocks for monitoring.
House Keeping R V Manjunatha, Vijayanarasimha, Nooraisha, Amitha Dwivedi, Hemalatha, Prasanna, Gardener
Gardening J Selvens, B K Chaitra, P Mani, Gunavathi
28 Vidyalaya Website Updation P Prajul, J Selvens, Kaushik Regular updation of the Vidyalaya website
29 UBI Fee Collection P Prajul, M N Kaushik Printing of the challans, supervision of defaulters & other related work
30 SECONDARY & SER. SECONDARY B.Sathyanarayana (I/C), G.V.Subrahmanya, Pavan Kumar C N  a. To set activity room to teach primary students as per KVS circular No.F.39-AC/2008-KVS(BGR) dated06/02/08,
b. To plan and arrange for purchasing materials required for teaching aids.
C. Any other related work.
PRIMARY B K Chaitra, Gurumurthi
31 Vocational Training Programmes Art & Craft: Prabhu Raje Urs, Games and Sports – G.S.Vasudeva & Sports Coaches 1. To complete the formalities to start coaching classes.
2. To prepare yearly plans (month wise).
3. To supervise the activities.
4. To provide proper guidance to concerned students.
5. To submit quarterly progress report of the activities & yearly report at the end of the session.
6. Sports Day Celebration
7. To prepare students for competitions to be held at a)   school level b)  Local/ cluster or regional / national level
8. Any other related work.
32 NAEP Pooja G K, P K Beena, M Prasanna 1. Plan NAEP programme as per KVS direction.
2. Report of conducted activities should be sent to KVS RO (BGR) for its information.
3. To give counseling and guidance to students.
4. To organize lecture or seminars related to the field.
5. To conduct counseling sessions during MPT and CCA Periods on Weekly basis on rotation by staff
Subject Committee
33 Languages: English, Hindi, Sanskrit English: D R Bhandari &  and all TGTs (Eng)
Hindi / Sanskrit – Radhika Nagarajan & V V Bhat and all TGTs (Hindi)
To hold subject committee meetings regularly and make it a tool to enrich teaching learning process and discuss various competitions, syllabus completion, paper setting, correction etc
Science  J Selvens and all PGTs & TGTs 1. To analyze the performance of students & prepare further course of action plan for betterment of students’ academic performance.
2. To check class wise monthly academic performance analysis & discuss for further course of action.
3. To conduct the monthly meeting in order to check the progress of syllabus. If coverage of syllabus is not in time, a plan must be chalked out to complete the syllabus without any further delay.
4. Prepare the report on last working day of every month & submit it to Principal.
5. To keep a vigil on class wise progress of subject.
6. To plan activities like science exhibitions, seminars, field trips, film shows, talks, etc. related to their subject.
Mathematics M S Nagesha and all TGTs (Maths) 7. To highlight the importance of each, interdependence of various subjects, co relation among differents subject teachers, life history of great personality, freedom fighters, scientists, mathematicians, writers, poets, thinkers, etc.
8. Any other related work
Social Studies B.Sathyanarayan and all TGTs (S.St)  
Miscellaneous:       SUPW, ART, LIBRARY SPORTS Prabhu Raje Urs, Chandrakanth, Sree Parvathi L, G.S.Vasudev  & all Coaches  
PRIMARY Shivaram Jois and all PRTs  
34 Literary Club SSS, VNS, VK, Dharmpal and all Language trs. of secondary 1. To prepare a plan to create literary atmosphere in Vidyalaya.

2. To prepare class wise magazines at least one in each subject

3. To organize minimum two competitions/ seminars/programmes etc. based on subject.

4. To prepare a special plan for students to record their programme on T.V & Radio twice in a session.

5. To promote the mathematical & scientific atmosphere in the Vidyalaya.  

6. To organize exhibition, Publish magazine, Prepare students for various competitions and conduct activites. To organize Social Science Exhibition at Vidyalaya, Cluster, regional & National level, field trips to historical places. planting of trees and development of Botanical Garden.

7. Any related work
Eco/Nature  MSN, Prajul P, RVM, Pavan Kumar C N and all PRTs handling Maths
Science, Maths & Cyber Club M S Nagesha, R V Manjunatha, Pavan Kumar C N, Prajul P, M N Kaushik, Md Yunus, Soumya, Sushma, Prasanna and all  PRTs handling EVS
Integrity & Social Studies Club DRB, BSN, Dharampal, Counselor and PRTs handling EVS
Art & Craft Club  PRU, Chandrakanth, GSV & Manjunatha
Scouts & Guides M S Nagesha, G V Subrahmanyam, G S Vasudeva
35 PHYSICS Soumya 1. To make an arrangement for procuring the materials for Science and Maths Laboratories to the students as per their needs.
2. To maintain the laboratories for students use, update the stock & make necessary arrangement, if any for the uses of students.
3. To conduct practical / projects etc as per syllabus and to check practical records regularly.
4. To support and co – ordinate with J.S. Lab  I/c
5. To prepare students and to organize K.V. cluster level / regional level /National level science exhibition
6. To train children for various competitions.
7 Any other related work.
Jr.Science Lab Md Yunus, M S Nagesha 
COMPUTER P Prajul, M N Kaushik, Manasa Bhat
36 CAL / TAL J Selvens, P Prajul, M N Kaushik, Manasa Bhat 1. To encourage and train the students and staff.
2. To facilitate the web access to all in the learning process
3. To arrange modern technologies like OHP, Tape recorder, CD players. Etc.
4. To procure required audio and video CDs or cassettes
5. Any other related work
37 CMP/TLM Shivarama Jois, Sona K V, B K Chaitra 1  To procure requirements as per from individual teachers’ requirements
2   To issue & maintain the stock
3. To keep & account of activities done by teachers
4. To maintain records
5.        Any other related work
38 Administrative Block.
(Principal room,
Office, Staff   room, Entrance and   Veranda)   
Daily Overall Supervision  of all the blocks, Assembly area, Play ground & Vidyalaya surroundings: I/C-G S Vasudeva: Dejappa, Gunavathi 1)  Checking the cleanliness of corridor, toilets (3 times in a day)

  Regularly monitoring student’s movement and discipline.

  Checking and reporting the classes without teacher to in charge.

  Reporting of repair work (Civil / Electrical) to in charge.

  Any other work assigned by Principal/ Vice Principal /Office.  

Note: Staff nurse has to maintain daily cleanliness register.
Block – I   (Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs, CMP room, & Toilets) P Mani & Art Coach
Block – II (6 A,B,C, 7 A,B,C, 8 B,C,    Toilets) S N Ramaiah & Sports Coach
Block – III (4 A,B,C, 10 A,B,C, XI,XII,WE/Art,Music, sports room) S N Ramaiah & Sports Coach
Block – IV (8A, 5 A,B,C, 9 A,B,C, Jun.Bio.    Lab, Computer Labs &    Toilets) Satisha & Sports Coach
Primary Block (1 A,B,C, 2 A,B,C, 3 A,B,C   Toilets) Sathisha & Sports Coach
Assembly Area Play Ground & Vidyalaya surrounding G.S.Vasudev & All Coaches & sub staff
39 BOTONICAL GARDEN XI/XII (Bio)  - Mr J Selvens & P Mani 1. Maintenance & Development of Garden. 

2.    Installing display board with naming and beautiful quotation.

    Trimming & Painting the trees

    Any other related works.
ROCK GARDEN IX, X ( SCOUTS & GUIDES) –  G V Subrahmanyam, Vazeed Khan & Satisha
CHILDREN PARK III, IV, V (CUBS & BULBULS) – Chaithra.B.K,  Gardener, Sports students & Satisha 
ASSEMBLY AND PLAYGROUND G S Vasudeva and Coaches (Games)
PAINTING & DISPLAY BOARDS Prabhu Raje Urs, Sagar, Gunavathi, Chandrakanth
NOTE: 1.All the In – charge , Asst, In-charges and members of the various departments/ committees are requested to prepare a complete action plan in duplicate for the session 2015-16 as per allotment given and submit a copy to the Principal  by the end of April for record without fail.
2. All the In-charge, Asst, In-charge and members of the various departments / committees will be fully responsible for maintaining the assigned duties activities and prescribed programme. In case of any difficulty, undersigned must be contacted.
3. All the in – charge, Asst, In-charges and members of the various departments/committees are free to take their own decision to achieve excellence in activities, if necessary, they can contact the Principal.
4. All the In-charges, Asst in-charges and members of the concerned departments/committees will have to work on full – fledged manner. When In charge is on leave etc. Asst. In-charges of the concerned departments must be available on duty and vice versa.
5. Please put your efforts to discharge all the responsibilities in time and with a creative and effective manner. Undersigned is always ready to help and assist you all as per your requirement. Undersigned has full confidence on you about having sufficient ability and potentiality to carry out the assigned responsibilities. Please utilize your talent for the betterment of the Vidyalaya and students.

VICE PRINCIPAL                                                                                                                                                                             PRINCIPAL