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Curriculum  is never complete  without  co- curricular activities

The school reopened on a cheerful note for the new

academic session 2018 – 2019 on 2 April 2018 . A common assembly with all the students was held in the assembly ground .


On 9 April 2018 the school welcomed its tiny tots of class 1 to the school . A small joyous  function was held to welcome the students  to  school. The students were given colourful smilies as welcome gesture and to encourage them to come to school with big smiling faces. After this the students introduced themselves on the stage .


On the 21th  of April 2018 the first CCA meeting was held .

All the students of primary were distributed into four houses namely     SHIVAJI, TAGORE, ASHOKA, RAMAN. It was also decided that

1 )A child can participate in 3 individual competitions and any number of group events  .

2) For all individual items 2 children from each class represent a house .

3) For all group competitions 10 to 12 children from each house can participate in a group .

On all Saturdays after 21 of April CCA competitions have been held regularly like Talent Show, New Reading, Solo Dance, Solo Song, Clay Modelling, drawing and colouring, Collage Making etc.

Many functions and important celebrations have been undertaken to enlighten the students , to bring out their hidden talent , to shed their inhibitions, to get exposure to new ideas and finally widen their horizons about the importance of these in their lives .


  NEW HORIZON                           

The  children of our school have created their impression even out side the school. Yashasvi of II B and Geet of II C participated in talent hunt organised by GRF Fantasy Park and were selected for the finals. Out of them Yashasvi bagged 3rd position for which she was awarded a cash prize of Rs 1000 and other attractive gift vouchers. Similarly many other students of our Vidyalaya showcased their talents in various district and state level competitions and brought laurels to the school.


Club Activities:

Club activities are being organised every Saturday to cater to the interests of the students in various fields. The Clubs function under the given headings- MUSIC  CLUB (encourages the interest of child in music), GREEN CLUB ( enlightens the children about our environment), ART CLUB ( gives platform to children to enhance their skills in the areas of drawing and coloring) and CUBS AND BULBUL ( encourages the importance of disciplinr and social commitments).


 Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for class1and 2:

As a part of continuous evaluation of child’s understanding and academic development assessment under CCE were undertaken. CCE-1 and CCE-2 are completed and CCE-3 is under process for both the classes- 1 and 2. CCE-1 for class I was done by  evaluating the oral performance of  child.

Periodic Test – 1

Periodic test was successfully completed in the month of August. The result analysis and henceforth identification of slow learners and high achievers was done. The plan for extra classes for slow learners was prepared after discussion with the concerned teacher, parents and Principal.


Parent Teacher Meeting:

PTM was conducted and successfully completed on 18th  August, 2018. Parents were given feedback of their child’s performance. The teachers and parents together discussed steps to enhance the overall development of the child. Parents were satisfied and ensured their support for the smooth conduction of school proceedings for the development of the child. The undertaking for conducting the remedial classes of slow learners was also handed over to the parents, which they had to sign and submit back to class teachers.


Class library:

The class library has been created in all the classes to inculcate the love for reading amongst the students. Sixty books have been issued to each class for the same. Every week each class has two block library periods in which the teacher conducts various activities to encourage reading and maintenance of library books. Apart from reading, post reading activities like role play, quiz, recitation of poems etc. are also carried out during library period.




Film Show:

Film show is an integral part of our curriculum to enhance the communication skills of the students. For this every week two block periods are allotted to classes 1 and 2. The teacher uses the same periods to introduce new concepts and enhance use of technology in classroom teaching. For classes 3 to 5 two block periods are allotted once in 15 days. These periods prove very helpful as apart from watching films students get a glimpse of world of knowledge to which they are exposed though the use of these classes.


Medical check-up:

Medical check-up for term one was organised on 20th August 2018 to check the overall well-being of the child and bring to the parents notice if any major medical problem is being faced by the child. It also ensures good health and hygiene of the child. Deworming tablets were given to the students and they were also explained healthy habits.





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